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We all lead hectic lives and its often difficult finding the time to prepare fresh, home cooked meals.  If you need a tasty meal for all the family without the hassle theres no need to feel guilty that you are filling them up with junk food by getting a takeaway in.  If you choose carefully, takeaway food can be just as nutritious and healthy for a hungry household as that fresh home cooked dinner that you had the best intentions to cook!


The size and diversity of India provides a rich variety of flavours which can be sub-divided
into regions.  The regions which have inspired the spread and popularity of the Indian takeaways in the west are Punjabi, Bengali, Kashmiri and Gujarati

By the 1970’s there were over 1300 Indian Restaurants in Britain and the dawn of the ‘Takeaway’ began. This developed into exceptionally popular way of obtaining spicy tasty food and to date the number of takeaway establishment’s number over 9000.

We all love a good takeaway and our desire for good food remains strong and there are many options available for a healthy Indian takeaway, but when it comes to food high in fat and Indian takeaway will top the list, but there are plenty of healthy choices available that are not high in fat.  A tandoori dish such as tandoori king prawns or chicken tikka is usually a healthy choice as these dishes are usually cooked in a clay oven and are fairly low in fat.  If you choose a dish which is sauce based, a rogan josh is probably the healthier as it is tomato based.  You should avoid chicken tikka masala and korma dishes as these dishes are mostly a creamy sauce.

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The healthiest choice of bread to go with your dish is chapatti, this being flat bread made from wholemeal flour and water.  Nan and paranthas breads are coated with butter and enhanced with sugars and fats and sometimes are filled with different fillings, these are to be avoided if you want to eat healthy.  The best rice to choose with your takeaway is plain boiled or steamed, the pilau rice is very nice but this will be high in calories.


Pizza is normally quite high in fat, you can eat a healthy pizza always choose a thing crust pizza and order a smaller size than usual. Your topping choices should be restricted to vegetables, tuna or chicken if you want a healthy pizza, you should avoid toppings such as pepperoni spicy beef or pork toppings. If your pizza contains more than 3ounces of vegetables then it counts as one of your five a day.


Well the bad news is the Chinese takeaway favourite spring rolls and prawn toast are the most unhealthiest of choices are deep fried in oil along with the other favourites such as sweet and sour sauce, fried rice and noodle dishes and any battered dishes, all these are unhealthy options when you are craving for your takeaway.


You may be surprised to learn that fish and chips can be one of the healthiest options when it comes to takeaway foods.  Choose the thicker cut chip as they will absorb much less fat whilst they are cooking. The best choices of fish are cod and plaice, but if you really want to eat healthy haddock is the best as lit is high in iodine which will help to stimulate metabolism and to eat even healthier fish remove the batter. An average portion of fish and chips contains 9.42 grams of fat per 100g a much healthier option that the average pizza which is 11g or a donar kebab which is 16.2g and a chicken korma is 15.5g. There is a daily recommended allowance of fat which is 90g for men and 70g for women.

An average portion of fish and chips contains 595 calories. A chicken korma contains around 910 calories, a pizza contains around 871 calories and a doner kebab contains 924 calories. The daily recommended allowance for men is 2500 calories and 2000 calories for women.

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