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Food is a big part of our leisure time and convenience food plays a large part in this, with the ever increasing popularity of convenience food available today helps the consumer to balance their busy lives with an Indian takeaway.  The convenience of takeaway food is irrefutable and the ingredients in Indian cooking are very healthy and nutritional, they use oils such as vegetable oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil and soybean oil, they are all carefully chosen to compliment the different spices that are used in Indian recipes.

The curry spice is renowned for it anti oxidants and is also used as an anti-inflammatory treatment in India.  So the next time you order your Indian takeaway you could be healing yourself from all those aches and pains.  There are many different spices that are used in Indian cuisine and the healthy options of which are most beneficial are garlic, cumin and tumeric, so the next time you go online to order your Indian takeaway remember Indian cuisine can be a very healthy option.

Curry – a Hungry Household Favourite

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Indian takeaway establishments are continually striving to reshape their menus to keep their customers happy, with the favourites on the menu being Chicken tikka masala which is served with rice and naan bread, but chapatti bread is a healthier option; as naan bread is coated with butter sugars and fats and they are occasionally stuffed with fillings, so its  better to avoid naan bread if you want to eat healthily. If a hot curry is your dish, order a raita as a side dish, this is made from natural yoghurt and cucumber and will help to keep your mouth cool and is a good aid to digestion, this is a much healthier option than a pint of beer.

Authentic Indian food has a wide variety of flavours and you will be left spoilt for choices and want more and more.  Indian curry is known all over the world for its spicy and tangy flavours, with the texture and aromas appealing to your taste buds. So the next time you fancy an authentic Indian takeaway go to where you can be sure of the best Indian in town.


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