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Online Takeaways – Don’t Cook – Just Click!

Are you still using the telephone to order your takeaways?  You must be living in the dark ages!!!

For a quick, easy and often surprisingly healthy meal delivered to your door in minutes look no further than

Why Order a Takeaway Online?

Convenience - One of the main advantages to ordering your food online is the convenience. It is time saving and all it needs is a click on your computer, select the restaurant of your choice, choose your meal and then choose your payment method and Hey Presto you are done.  So much easier than trying to call the restaurant of your choice during peak hours or even talking to a member of staff whose level of English is something to be desired. You will soon realise that you have wasted a great deal of your time and missed the best part of your favourite TV program.

Choice - is another advantage of ordering online. By inserting your postcode into the system you will have the choice of many of the restaurants that deliver in your area allowing you the choices of either Chinese, Pizza, Italian, Thai or even Fish and Chips.

Faster Service – Takeaway restaurant owners have realised the importance of speedy delivery and that good service will bring customers back. By viewing the huge selection of local takeaways in your area you can get select your meal and even select your delivery time – what could be faster?  Some of the large pizza chains such as Dominos and Pizza Hut offer a choice of delivery times like having your takeaway delivered within half an hour of coming in from work – how good is that?

Cost Savings – When ordering a takeaway online always look to see if there are any specials being offered this kind of meal deal will save you money and we all feel better if we think we have saved money.  It is common for pizzerias to offer a daily special, if ordering over the internet any special will be advertised on the website.

Confirmation - Once you have placed your order, we send the order to the restaurant and the confirmation to you.  It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the delivery details provided are correct and sufficient for the delivery driver to locate you in adequate time making sure that there is any additional information the driver may need as in the event of your address not being found, undelivered orders will be chargeable. So hopefully you have given all the relevant information so sit back relax your meals are on the way.

Order Takeaway Food Now – Menus Online, Fast Delivery, Best Price! offers you a quick and easy takeaway delivery service, providing you with many choices including Pizza delivery, Chinese takeaway, Indian, Italian, Thai and much more….  providing you with a great food delivery service straight to your door in a matter of minutes.

Takeaway food has revolutionised the way of eating out.  Online takeaway delivery is fast become the preferred choice of many thousands of people when it comes to getting a fast food service in the UK.  This is because you get a greater choice, a faster and more realisable delivery food service, all from the convenience of your home without the hassle.  Don’t cook – just click!

order takeaway food online

Order your takeaway online from the for a fast food delivery service.  Enter your home postcode to search for a takeaway in your locality. You have a choice of Chinese takeaways, Indian restaurants, Thai takeaways and a wide range of many other cooking styles.

We publish over 4,800 fast food menus so you no longer have to dial your pizza, you can order your pizza online.  Payment options are by credit / debit card, PayPal or cash on delivery.
With   all you need to do is enter your postcode, view the takeaways in your area, look at their online menu and place your order.  What could be easier? Don’t cook - Just Click! Try it for yourself today!

If you want to order food online through a website just go to all you need to do is find the restaurant you want to order from and you are on your way.  Our partner restaurants all across the UK offer fast delivery and exclusive special offers.  We will provide free secure ordering and discounts to all our members.

We only publish the menus of takeaway restaurants that meet the highest of standards.  We will use information provided by the official local authority hygiene ratings.  See theScores On the Doors website for more information.  We locate the most popular takeaway restaurants that do a home delivery service.  We offer a large variety of food outlets Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Thai, Fried Chicken, Mexican, American, Kebabs, Caribbean, Turkish, Italian, Greek and yes even English.

All the payment information entered on the website is processed securely with 256bit encryption and all your credit/debit card transactions are protected by the highest levels of internet security.

You will be invited to write reviews and comments about the food and the delivery service you receive.  Your reviews will rate the quality of food, the takeaway delivery service and last but not least the value for money.

Easy ordering with

Select a Restaurant
Order from the Online Menu
Pay with Debt/Credit Card or PayPal
Discounts will be deducted automatically
Waiting time 25-55 minutes for delivery
Just click & eat a great meal!
And lastly write a brilliant review!!

….Its as simple as that!

Don’t Cook – Just Click to Eat! Order Takeaway Food Online now and satisfy that hungry belly!

order takeaway food online